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prestige condensing boiler

Triangle Tube Prestige Solo 137,000 BTU Condensing Gas Boiler

Prestige Solo 175 model by Triangle Tube (ACV) is a heat-only, Energy Star listed mod-con boiler with 137 MBTU (Net AHRI) output and ACVMax control.READ MORE

Triangle Tube's Prestige Solo & Prestige Excellence Condensing

29 Jul 2020 Triangle Tube's Prestige Solo & Prestige Excellence Condensing Gas Boilers Recalled to Repair Due to Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning READ MORE

Condensing Solo Boilers | Triangle Tube

Prestige Solo. Pestige Solo Condensing Boiler Icon. High efficiency wall mounted gas condensing boiler. 95% energy efficient. Available in a broad range from READ MORE

Prestige - ACV Ranges - ACV

Prestige (6 models). High efficiency wall mounted gas condensing boiler, with stainless steel heat exchanger and ACVMAX control. Check our brochures READ MORE

New Prestige Condensing Boilers - Falls Plumbing Supply

New Prestige Condensing Boilers with TriMax Control. Triangle Tube, an industry leader in high efficiency boiler and hot water systems, is pleased to announce READ MORE

Prestige Solo | Triangle Tube

Prestige Solo. The flagship line of premium condensing firetube gas solo boiler is available in several sizes including 80, 110, 155, 250, 299 and 399.READ MORE

Triangle Tube Prestige Trimax Solo Gas Condensing Boilers. Gas

9 Products Triangle Tube Boilers. Prestige Trimax Solo Gas Condensing Boilers in Natural Gas and Propane Prestige Boilers for Hydronic Heating Systems such READ MORE

Prestige 120 Solo - Product - ACV

Wall hung gas fired condensing heat only boiler with stainless steel heat exchanger. 10 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty; BIM Objects; Natural Gas and LPG READ MORE

Triangle Tube Prestige Solo Condensing Gas Boiler | Michael

Every model in the Prestige gas boiler line is rated to an astounding 92-95% efficiency, and exceeds 2012 standards for nitrogen oxide emissions. The Triangle READ MORE

Triangle Tube Boilers | Triangle Tube Prestige Boilers | Condensing

The Prestige Condensing Wall Mounted Boiler proves it doesn?t. The Prestige boiler features a uniquely designed stainless steel heat exchanger and offers READ MORE

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