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ZG has Supplied Many Large-scale CFB Boiler for Companies

ZG has provide many Large-scale CFB boiler for companies. Not only large-scale, but also they are very energy-saving. These CFB boiler takes the principle of s

The World First 600MW CFB Boiler has been Installed in China

Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) combustion technology has proven to be the most economical and flexible technology to utilize low-rank coal, waste from coal wa

Types of Biomass Boilers

ZG get the ISO9001 certified in 1999.It was also certified by IQNet and CQM in 2002 and qualification for boiler and pressure vessel approved by ASME in Septem

Fluidized-Bed Combustors for Biomass Boilers

ZG biomass combustion technologies for biomass boiler can burn a variety of biomass fuels, including wood, crop remnants, wood pulp and chips, and municipal so

Biomass Boiler is a Friend of Environment

Firstly, biomass boiler can save emissions.You could save up to 9.5 tonnes of CO2 per year if you replace a solid (coal) fired system or electric storage heati

ZG’s Corner Tubes Biomass Boiler

The features of the corner tubes biomass boiler are as following:
1.the boiler adopts corner tube pattern.self-supporting structure, the problems relating to t

How do Coal Fired Steam Boilers Work

Coal fired steam boiler, adopting the membrane water-cooled wall system and water cooled system, is a solely developed machine in ZG which absorbs all the previ

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