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How Much Coal is Used for 70 tpd Boiler

How much coal is a 70tpd boiler use is a question that many people concerned. We can’t give an accurate date about this question. Because the coal usage amount of 70tpd boiler differ from the quality of coal and the efficiency of boiler. I want to introduce you a two methods to save coal.

Small 4 Ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler Efficiency

ZG is a well-known coal fired boiler manufacturer in China. Our coal fired steam boiler are well received by customers. We can provide exceed 2 ton coal fired boiler for you. Today, i want to introduce our small 4 ton coal fired steam boiler, it is an outstanding boiler that we manufactured. The main aspect i want to introduce is efficiency.

High Technology 10 Ton Coal Fired Steam Boiler

Zhengzhou Boiler Co.,Ltd as a well-known 10 ton coal fired boiler supplier insists on the principles of “technology innovation, quality foremost” costantly. It pay much attention to the introduction of new technology and development of new products.10 ton high technology coal fired steam boiler is an innovation for boiler industry.

Coal Stoker Boilers for Sale

ZG has coal stoker boilers on sale. If you have demand of it, you can contact us. The most popular use for the Coal stoker boiler is for residential hydronic heating. Nevertheless, the Coal stoker boiler is well-suited for the production of hot water for car washes, etc.

20 Ton SZL Coal Fired Boiler for Sale

ZG 20 Ton SZL coal fired boiler is a exclusive product of our company. It use the advantages of field-assembled boiler. It adopts the downside “α” arch technology, the fuel combustibility is improved and it can be adjusted to many kinds of coals.

10MW SZL series coal fired hot water boiler manufacturer

ZG 10MW SZL series coal fired hot water boiler is well received by the customers. Recently, there are some customers consult us about it again. Although customers have strong sense of purchase 10MW coal fired boiler, we found that they don’t have clear acknowledge of our product.

Bituminous Coal Fired Boiler

ZG is one of the manufacturers of bituminous coal fired boiler in China. We can supply high quality coal fired boiler of bituminous for you. The advantages of our Bituminous coal fired boiler has many aspects.

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