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The Advantages of Solid Fuel Boilers

Time:2015-07-08 14:00:38 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler


Clean and Efficient

ZG’s Solid fuel boilers including coal fired boilers and biomass fired boilers. They are of all types are far more efficient than their predecessors. New solid fuel boiler, for example, are 30% more efficient than old ones, wresting between 70 and 80% of the British thermal units from every log. They're much cleaner-burning today, too. A new EPA-certified boiler, at worst, produces less than 7.5 grams per hour (g/hr) compared to the 40-60 g/hr of older boiler.

Reliability and Safety

More recently, significant shortcomings solid fuel boilers were the inability to work in a fully off-line and the need for frequent fuel loading.

ZG’s solid fuel boilers deprived of these advantages. At the heart of the boiler is very simple in structure, and thus reliable automatic valve – bimetallic draft regulator, which does not require power.This provides a completely autonomous operation of the boiler without any additional automatic, electronic and other devices.

In contrast to the boiler on electricity, gas and diesel fuel, where there is always a danger of electrical circuits, gas explosion or ignition of diesel fuel – solid fuel boiler absolutely safe in principle. The boiler is designed so that in case of repeated loads exceeding permissible, it explodes and compressed inwards.


Simple design and scheme of the solid fuel boiler clear to any user with any level of education, which eliminates any difficulties with the operation.

Solid fuel boilers operate autonomously, safe, economical and environmentally friendly. According to the highest European standards. Without sophisticated automation and tedious maintenance – ash wood enough to clean out only twice a month, the resin does not accumulate in the boiler.

Since due to the design features of the thermal load on it minimal: in the process of a solid fuel boiler is heated gently and evenly around the cylindrical body, on which there are only simple linear expansion that protects it from overheating, burning and leaks. For proper operation of the boiler heat exchanger makes it virtually “eternal”. 


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