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Industrial Biomass Boilers for Sale

Time:2015-08-18 14:29:24 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

ZG as a leading industrial biomass boiler manufacturer, we has earned one of the highest regarded reputations in the boiler manufacture. Our specialise in Biomass Systems that are designed to run on multiple fuel types which can give our customers future flexibility to use the most cost effective fuel available at the time. 


Introduction of the industrial biomass boiler
The biomass boiler shall adopt sigle drum and vertical layout. The body comprises pot shell, smoke box, water wall tube, and lower header on both sides. The tube plate adopts all-welded structure. The chain grate adopts light thickening style. The electric control brings about the stepless speed regulating of grate; the air is sub-independently supplyed; the warning shall be given when its working parameter is out of the predesigned one. Our boilers are really new environmentally friendly products.
Industrial biomass boiler features
1. It features a horizontal structure with small flooring area to help flow and air discharge of heat transfer oil in the boiler tube and heat transfer oil cannot easily be coked.
2. The position between the burner joint and the coil is sealed. Adoption of labyrinth type patent technology is made with good seal and large flexible space, which may increase the service life of burner and enhance the heating efficiency.
3. Triple coil structure is adopted for the boiler with three-pass smoke and flue, compact design and energy-saving space. The air pre-heater is added to enhance the heating efficiency up to 92% or more
4. advanced technology and private intellectual property right
5.compact structure, light furnace wall, light weight and beautiful appearance
ZG has been the mark of quality for heating with biomass for over 50 years. Today, ZG is known throughout China and beyond for highly efficient heating technology for everything from detached houses right through to high demand industrial applications. We have specialised in the efficient use of biomass as an energy source, this has enabled us to produce highly efficient biomass boiler for our customers.

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