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How Much Coal is Used for 70 tpd Boiler

Time:2015-08-06 13:48:37 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

How much coal is a 70tpd boiler use is a question that many people concerned. We can’t give an accurate date about this question. Because the coal usage amount of 70tpd boiler differ from the quality of coal and the efficiency of boiler. I want to introduce you a two methods to save coal.


Efficiency Improvements

Efficiency improvements include the most cost-effective and shortest lead time actions for reducing emissions from coal-fired power generation. This is particularly the case in developing countries where existing power plant efficiencies are generally lower and coal use in electricity generation is increasing. Not only do higher efficiency coal-fired power plants emit less carbon dioxide per megawatt (MW), they are also more suited to retrofitting with CO2 capture systems.

Coal quality

Coal is widely used fuel in a thermal power plant / process steam boilers. Coal has combustibles and non combustibles. Non combustible is moisture and mineral matter. The mineral matter after combustion is termed as ash. This ash can slag and / or foul over the heat transfer surfaces affecting the heat transfer to tubes and sometimes lead to corrosion as well. Slagging of ash means sticking of ash in the molten form over the furnace wall tubes and in some cases, on the superheaters located in the high temperature zone. Fouling occurs on low temperature zones, where some minerals which get vaporized at furnace condense at temperatures below 750 deg C. Since the mineral fractions of coal ash varies, not all the coals behave in the same manner in a boiler. Again depending on the combustion technology adopted, the ash behaves in a different manner from one boiler to another boiler.

I am very sorry that i don’t give you an accurate date about how much coal a 70tpd boiler use. But you can use these two way to save coal. That will help you to save financial expense. If you want to buy a 70tpd boiler, please contact us. We have high quality boiler for you.


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