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CFB Biomass Boiler Manufacturer

Time:2015-08-14 14:00:32 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Circulating Fluidized Bed technology is an ideal technology to be used for large scale power generation with a broad variety of biomass fuels. The well known benefits of CFB technology, such as the superior fuel flexibility, inherently low emissions and high availability can be fully utilized for this purpose. Today the CFB biomass boiler technology offers a high efficiency, and it is good to environmental protection. ZG as a CFB biomass boiler manufacturer, we had installed a 35 ton boiler for paper making, and this boiler running well.


Features of ZG CFB biomass boiler:

  1. The structure of a single drum boiler is horizontal type. Π type layout.

  2. The suspension furnace equipped with the water-cooled wall and the inlet of separator is water-cooled flue duct.

  3. The use of bell hood that’s easy to replace, low resistance, Non-inverted ash.

  4. The separator and the center tube of loopback materials device have applied the technological improvements for low resistance, high separation efficiency.

  5. The use of patented technology and equipped with the independent device of roots blower to save power consumption.

  6. The use of low bed pressure operation.

  7. The use of lower pressure fans, reducing the power consumption of fans.

  8. Optimization of secondary air layout and vents flow to reduce the head of the secondary air pressure of fans.

  9. To improve the fuel crusher and screening system, the coal particle size is line with design requirements.

  10. The air preheater use of a multi-tube box arrangement and low-temperature section use of corrosion-resistant steel to avoid the corrosion the parts by low temperature cause to replace the whole.

Available fuel

Biomass fuel such as bulk straw or stalks, shaped biomass fuel. Circulating Fluidized bed boiler is designed for customers, who use the boiler fuel with wide range, different characteristics, but small size.

ZG advanced CFB technology provides a solution for effective CO2 reduction in large scale power generation with a broad range of solid biomass fuels, making it the ideal choice in meeting the market's demand for fuel flexibility and low emissions.

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