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2 Ton Biomass Steam Boiler Manufacturer

Time:2015-08-14 13:35:33 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

2 tons capacity steam boiler are widely used in some countries and areas. Most of our customers bought the small scale steam biomass boilers for their industry productions to get high temperature steam and hot water.

There are many types biomass fuel can be used in Biomass fired boiler, such as Bagasse, wood chips, coal, corn cobs, straw, coffee grounds, palm shell, saw dust, cocnut shells, rice husk, red gram stalk, paddy stalk, wheat stalk, cotton stalk, coffee husk, julie flora, soya stalk, mustard stalk, etc.


Main features:

  1. Energy-saving;

  2. Environmental protection;

  3. High efficiency: up to 80%.

  4. High safe & fully automatic operation and running;

  5. High temperature & lower pressure.

For over 60 years experience of industrial boiler manufacture, ZG have developed biomass fired chain grate boiler to burn by-products from industry, farm and commercial enterprises. The hot water produced is used to replace fossil fuel for all kinds of heating and drying applications.We pressure test them during construction to 2.5 bars (50% higher than required)to ensure many years of low cost heat. If you are interested in our 2 ton biomass boiler, please contact us. If this capacity boiler not suit your needs, we can supply boiler according to your requirements.

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DZL Packaged Coal Fired Boiler
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