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4 Ton Olive Pits Biomass Fired Boiler for Sale Haryana

Time:2015-09-06 13:37:56 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Olive is a valuable things in Haryana. Olive can not only product olive oil, but also olive pits can as a fuel to heating biomass fired boiler. ZG is a powerful company that we had exported 4 ton biomass fired boiler in Haryana, which use olive pits as fuel. It cut the costs of local industry, and well received by our customers.


Olive pits biomass fired boiler for sale
Biomass is now the world’s leading source of renewable energy. Through special recovery processes, the biomass can be transformed to produce steam, hot water, and electricity. Olive pits as the by-product of olive oil production is high calorific value. As fuel, the olive pits have higher energy yield than the same volume of coal, greater heating capacity than diesel, and less emission than oil, gas or coal. Thus the olive pits for biomass fired boilers are quite popular in Haryana.
Olive pits for 4 ton biomass boilers Haryana
The use of biomass boilers is gradually gaining ground over traditional boilers. One of their special characteristics is that they are powered by agricultural waste such as olive pits. 4 ton biomass olive pits can do to reduce CO2 emissions and find alternatives to fossil fuels has meant that this system, which is becoming more and more advanced, is becoming more widespread.
Olive pits biomass boiler manufacturer in Haryana:
ZG as a biomass fired boiler manufacturer for 70 years since the year of 1945 with rich boiler installation and maintenance experience. Olive pits fired biomass boiler for sale own a good reputation in the world. Especially, our 4 ton biomass boiler is popular in Haryana.

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