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10t biomass boiler in Baroda

Time:2015-04-21 15:28:50 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

The consequent price increases for natural gas, oil and coal have increased the value of biomass for heat generation.The use of biomass fired boiler in heating systems is beneficial because it uses agricultural, forest, urban and industrial residues and waste to produce heat and electricity with less effect on the environment than fossil fuels. This type of energy production has a limited long-term effect on the environment because the carbon in biomass is part of the natural carbon cycle; while the carbon in fossil fuels is not, and permanently adds carbon to the environment when burned for fuel. In this way, biomass fired boiler is eco-friendly.

biomass fired boiler

Baroda, a city in the Midwest of India, has highly developed textile industry. In its industrial process, enormous energy is needed. The use of biomass fired boiler can greatly meet the production need. While efforts to develop biomass may have the effect of regenerating mismanaged croplands and be a cog in the wheel of a decentralized, multi-dimensional renewable energy industry. In other areas of the world, inefficient and polluting means to generate heat from biomass coupled with poor forest practices have significantly added to environmental degradation.
After general analysis, ZG boiler has developed biomass fired boiler series to satisfy the various requirements on the base of environment protection, high efficiency and low cost in combustion. We have successfully installed a biomass fired boiler for textile in Mumbai. Besides, ZG provide biomass corner tube steam boiler for textile and other purpose. With more than 60 years’ persistence, ZG boiler is trying its best to the first class in the world.

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