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DZL Coal Fired Steam Boiler for Paper Industry

Time:2015-08-04 14:17:11 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

ZG DZL coal fired steam boiler are used in paper industry. Meanwhile, this type of coal fired boiler is very popular among our customers.Not only because the especially features of it, but also the reasonable price of coal fired steam boiler. This series of boiler is single drum with 3-recycle structure steam boiler. Both sides of the wall around the furnace are radiation heating surface. Two wings of furnace are connective heating surface. Outside the boiler is a 3-dimensional protecting shell. This can make our boiler has long life. The boiler uses the vaulted tube plate and spiral gas tube to make the thermal efficiency higher and output capacity sufficient. 


The features of coal fired steam boiler in paper industry:
1 .The output capacity is sufficient and continuous: Because of adopting the high efficiency heat transmits spiral gas tube, the real output capacity of boiler is 10%-15% higher than rated. And either output capacity or thermal efficiency will not decline as the running time stretches.
2. Small size and less investment: We use efficiently threaded pipe, so the hot water boiler that the output water temperature is ≤150℃, together with a smaller capacity steam boiler can both cancel the rear heating surface. Such boil is lower than other coal fired horizontal steam boiler which shares the same capacity, and thus less boiler room will save much money.
3. No need of special protection when power off: The hot water is mixed cycled and the water capacity is large, so there is no need of protection for the damage caused by sudden power off.
4. The efficiency of the boiler is high: The spiral gas tube is placed inside the boiler, so there won’t be cold air enters. Moreover, removing the heating surface at the rear will also reduce the cold air incoming, which can reduce heat loss.
5. Heating fast: There are many spiral gas tubes in the boiler and almost half of the boiler shell can be heated, so the temperature can rise soon.
6. Safe and reliable: The special structure and materials make the boiler being with high safety.
7. Primordial dust emissions density is low: The volume of the boiler is large and there is a dust separation device, so the primordial dust emissions density will be controlled much lower than the standard allowed.
8. Easy to install: Low installation charge and short installation time.
All of the features can easily explain why our coal fired boilers are well received by our customers in paper industry. “Users first; quality orientation; credit foremost” is our philosophy. We are willing to satisfy our users with first-class technology, products with high quality and excellent service. It is pleasant that we can join hands to make common development by multi-forms and multi-channels.

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