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Biomass Boiler for Poultry Farm

Time:2015-07-13 15:26:56 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler


Zhang Weili is a very famous farmer in Zhu Madian. He installed two biomass boiler for his farm. It is honored that we are the supplier of him. He recognised the benefits of a biomass heating system in the rearing of poultry and proposed more people to installed biomass system for their farms or other business.
This is far more efficient than older heating methods that use oil or LPG, which can cause high levels of humidity, can be considerably more expensive, and increased ventilation that results in a massive heat loss. Therefore to achieve the necessary environment for their poultry, more and more poultry farmers are switching to biomass boilers. This is due to a combination of reasons, firstly the dry heat from a biomass boiler system is an ideal temperature, secondly there is plenty of ventilation resulting in dry litter and thirdly the financial and environmental benefits are outstanding. Fourthly, the fuel is readily available, and they are very cheap.


At Clean-earth, we appreciate the need for poultry farmers to supply a dry heat in the barns which ensures optimum litter and air quality that in turn improves bird welfare.  We are an approved contractor for Hook2Sisters and installed over 3,500kW of biomass heating on broiler farms. This has resulted in gaining increased experience of large biomass installs such as this one.

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