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Ways to Make Fuel Use of Coal Fuel of Boiler

Time:2015-05-18 16:07:20 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

With the gradually increase of the fossil fuel price, ways to make fuel use of coal fuel boiler is essential for the world. And the new solution has great importance. ZG here, developed coal fired steam boiler for higher efficiency on combustion.

Whether coal can burn fully is important for the heat of combustion and thermal efficiency. On the other hand, the more important point is for the enterprise can save more cost. We can have a full combustion of coal from the following aspects:
1. Smooth ventilation. Have a better combination of coal and air. Plenty of air is the essential condition of coal combustion.The essence of coal combustion is the coal combustible carbon and hydrogen and oxygen in the air has oxidation reaction and releases a lot of heat. ZG coal fired boiler for greenhouse has good smooth ventilation.
2. Increase the second stirring, to ensure good contact with combustible material in flue gas and air. The main function of the two winds is a layer of air curtain blocking dust carried away by smoke formation in the furnace, flue gas purification.
3. Increase the rear arch, ensure adequate furnace temperature. ZG boiler has improved the performance of boiler furnace. With the structure of backward Alpha, ZG coal fired boiler has higher combustion efficiency and low pollution emission.

The above factors can improve the combustion efficiency. Users should check up whether the boiler has the main character. For more combustion, ZG boiler can give the best guidance with 70 years’ experience.


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