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Investment Benefit Analysis of Biomass Power Plant Boiler

Time:2015-04-10 10:27:48 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler


With the rapid development of the national energy saving and environmental protection, electric power enterprise has new requirements with energy saving and emission reduction. This needs the boiler combustion to be stable, efficient and reduce pollutant emissions. And the emergence of new biomass power plant boiler meet the needs of the power industry.

Compared with the traditional boiler of high consumption and high pollution, the biomass power plant boiler has high investment returns, higher input-output rawqwtio, which is mainly considered from two aspects of economic and social benefit:
1、From the economic benefit : Although the cost of biomass fuel is higher than coal’s, and according to the enterprise application, simple fuel costs will increase by about 20%. But in the long run, the benefit is higher than that of coal-fired boiler. On the one hand, heat value and fuel purity of biomass fuels is high, it does not contain other impurities without heat. This will directly reduce costs for enterprises; on the other hand, it is clean and convenient to feed material , reducing labor intensity and save costs. The traditional boiler needs 4 people, and it only takes 1 people to finish now.
2、From the environment benefit: biomass power plant boiler does not produce polluting gases and dust during the combustion, having a good effect on mitigating haze and greenhouse effect.In general terms we find that, it can reduce at least 16100 tons of carbon dioxide, 150 tons of soot, 80 tons of sulfur two oxygen and 70 tons of nitrogen oxides per year.
According to ZG, biomass power plant boiler can be divided into different types on its structure, such as the chain grate boiler , corner tube type chain grate boiler and circulating fluidized bed for biomass power plant boiler. Enterprises can choose proper one according to their actual needs and investment cost of power generation.
In the face of rising biomass power plant boiler using climax, ZG has developed various types of biomass power plant boiler as the time require. It played a very important role on the investment costs reducing and enterprise's profit improving. In 2015, we have the confidence to believe that the biomass power plant boiler will be the future development trend.

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