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Biomass Boiler Installation Guidance

Time:2015-05-13 16:56:05 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

As the creation of biomass boiler , there are many question concerning this type of boiler. Such as why use biomass boiler for new development?
In fact, biomass is a renewable, low carbon fuel that is already widely available throughout the world. Its production and use also brings additional environmental and social benefits. Correctly managed, biomass is a sustainable fuel that can deliver a significant reduction in net carbon emissions when compared with fossil fuels. The important thing is that biomass fuel is economic and has more benefit than other type of fuel. Correctly managed, biomass is a sustainable fuel that can offer a wide range of benefits. Analysis of biomass fuel use has introduced the use of biomass in detail.

As biomass boiler is becoming more and more popular in the world, how to install a biomass boiler correctly becomes an important question. The professional boiler manufacturer, ZG boiler has summarized tips on the biomass boiler installation:
1.Selecting a suitable biomass system. Usually, there are many type fuel of biomass boiler. To find a proper biomass fuel is important. Available combustion such as rice husk, wood, palm husk and bagasse, etc. Biomass boiler is different in different area.
2. For efficient, low emission combustion biomass needs to be burned fast, at a high temperature.
3. Handling requirements for seasonal variations.

Biomass boiler should be installed on the base of local development requirement. For example, the industry that needs to power generation, ZG biomass CFB boiler is the most suitable. And ZG has already developed biomass CFB boiler for mining.
Where seasonal operation varies between high level output for winter heating and low level output for summer hot water, a biomass boiler supplemented by a small gas boiler might offer a suitable combination. his may also allow the biomass boiler to be specified for commonly required maximum output, using the supplementary boiler to meet peak demand required for just the few coldest days of the year as well as summer hot water.

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