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Advantage Analysis of Biomass Corner Tube Boiler

Time:2015-05-11 18:37:38 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Corner tube boiler as a new type of boiler is becoming an important boiler to be used in industries. The boiler has external, flue furnace and tail four weeks with closed membrane water wall. The advantage analysis of biomass corner tube boiler is that the boiler has good sealing and high thermal efficiency.
The boiler has unique structure of circulating, this guarantee the safety circulation. The whole boiler is support by the circulation pipe and a membrane wall has good stability, so it is called "the corner tube". With advanced design of combustion, the boiler has high precision casting, less mechanical loss of incomplete combustion. ZG boiler has created corner tube for textile on the base of the above character. The corner tube boiler is fully sealed, all welded, full pipe structure, advanced design, beautiful and novel appearance, high degree of automation, low pollution emissions. The boiler flue gas at the outlet of the original emission concentration is less than 1800mg/N, operation thermal efficiency is greater than 81%, the product performance has reached the international advanced level, the products are welcomed by users.

1.High thermal efficiency of the boiler grate structure and reasonable design precision casting, assembly clearance of small scale type fire grate, grate coal leakage rarely, replacement without shutdown.
ZG boiler has a systematic analysis on the biomass fuel and it is totally suitable for biomass corner tube.
2.The wind chamber adopts isobaric wind bin and small door structure, good sealing performance, uniform air distribution, and can control the combustion section of the air supply volume, in order to obtain the best combustion state.
3. Safety water cycle: water circulation by the unique structure of the furnace, the drum is not heated by heating, flow memo direction, during a power outage, water system of vaporization, water circulation safety.
4. No steel structure, good shock resistance: corner tube boiler with water circulation structure unique, drum, body weight decreased from membrane water wall and pipe support, and all the membrane wall are welded together, good earthquake resistance.
ZG biomass corner tube boiler has small structure, light weight, less cost in installation. For years’ persistence, ZG boiler will have more innovation to be a qualified boiler supplier.

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