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ZG Horizontal Biomass Fired Boiler in Mumbai

Time:2015-09-01 13:55:10 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

As is known to us all, Mumbai is rich in biomass resources. Usually they buy biomass fired horizontal boiler for their industry production. ZG as a powerful boiler manufacturer, we are willing to export our biomass fired boiler and other types of boiler into Mumbai and other countries, and i would like to introduce our horizontal biomass boiler to you. 


Benefits of horizontal biomass boiler in Mumbai
1.Biomass boilers offer fantastic financial benefits
The initial price, in the region of £11,000 for a fully automatic boiler or £4,000 for a manual boiler can be redeemed at around £600 a year on average, if replacing an electric heating system.
2.Biomass boilers offer fantastic efficiency
Modern biomass combustion systems are highly sophisticated, offering combustion efficiency and emission levels comparable with the best fossil fuel boilers. Using modern technology they can currently operate at 90% efficiency which is vastly higher than conventional boilers and electric heating systems.
3.Biomass boilers integrate with other heating systems
Biomass boilers can completely replace existing fossil fuel (gas, oil, LPG) boilers and provide all your space, under floor and water heating requirements but can also be integrated with a solid fuel boiler, gas fired boiler or wood fire boiler.
ZG biomass fired horizontal boiler price in Mumbai
If you want to get the price of horizontal biomass boiler in Mumbai, you must know what factors influence the quote of boiler. Biomass boiler capacity, such as 2 ton, 5 ton. Boiler pressure, like 10kg/m², and auxiliary machinery, etc. Each part of boiler influence price. Biomass boiler quote should consider all the factors, and installation, boiler room, etc, if you want to know how much cost of biomass boiler, please contact our sale manager.
ZG horizontal biomass fired boiler have three types in Mumbai, there are DZL horizontal biomass fired boiler for sale, SZL biomass fired boiler for sale, ZG biomass fired power plant boiler. Any types of boiler has horizontal biomass fired steam boiler and horizontal biomass fired hot water boiler. If you have requirement of one of them, please contact us.

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