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ZG’s biomass energy boiler

Time:2015-07-10 15:50:31 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler


With increasing the demand of energy by society, the fossil fuel has been rapidly decreasing as the main source of energy. Thus looking for a renewable energy has become a focus which has attracted lots attention of society. Biomass energy with large range of providers is an ideal renewable one which is generated by massive wastes of industries, agriculture and timber each year. Among the world’s energy consumption so far, the consumption of biomass energy has occupy 14%of the total energy consumption in the world with the ranking 4th, which is just followed by the consumption of oil, coal, and natural gas. Using abundant renewable source such as corn stalks and rice hull in the north and south of our country could bring plenty of economic rewards and income for enterprises and the common people, which is able to partially or completely replace the coal. On the other hand, biomass energy is a clean and renewable energy with nearly discharging none of co2, Which could be fully made use of and play an important role in environmental protection, ecological balance and improvement of living standard of the common people.


It is effective way of using biomass energy that we applied biomass fuel to to the fuel of boiler, and biomass boiler has been rapidly developed in our country in recent years.
ZG boiler’s fuel including: firewood, rice husks , cane bagasse, straw, corn cob, lees.They are all environment-friendly fuel. In line with national requirements for enterprises. There are many successful cases. For example, Kaifeng Huiyuan 15t/h of biomass boiler, Henan Tianguan 20t/h Stoker Biomass,etc.


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