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ZG Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler for Electric Power Plant

Time:2015-07-17 14:02:15 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

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The features of ZG CFB boiler for electric power plant
Support of multiple fuels
ZG CFB boiler not only can use low grade coals, which are incombustible, but also other diverse range of non-fossil fuels such as wood base biomasses, scrap tires, scrap plastics, sludge, etc. which had been difficult to utilize in the past, can also be used as they are combusted inside actively flowing sands maintained at high temperatures.
Multi fuel combustion technology
ZG CFB boiler has a track record of using up to five types of fuels, while capably delivering energy in a stable manner. ZG uses reliable transport systems and plant control technologies, even under mixed fuel burning conditions where multiple types of fuels are used.

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High efficiency
A high combustion efficiency is attained without pulverization, even when incombustible fuels are used, such as those with a high moisture or high ash content.
Furthermore, it is possible to adopt high temperature and high pressure steam conditions in order to gain a higher electric power generating efficiency by incorporating inhibiting measures against problems for utilizing non-fossil fuels, such as problems relating to corrosion or the adhesion of ash in the flue.
ZG reputation for reliability has been validated through our boilers for industrial purposes (steam quantities of 25 to 300 tons per hour) to boilers for electric power generation (500 tons per hour).
ZG designs are based on their delivery record and after sales service experience of more than 20 years for CFB boilers.

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