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Wood Hot Water Boilers Prices for Hotels

Time:2015-09-11 14:02:28 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Thank you for your interest in the Wood hot water boiler for hotel heating systems. Our wood burning boilers to bring you the ultimate in efficiency, durability and versatility. Truly the "Ultimate Wood Burning System". We are the leading distributor and installer of the wood burning boilers. We ship boilers all over the world. When more and more people knowing our wood hot water boiler, one problem they concerned is the prices.


Wood hot water boilers always pay an important role in hotel. We received many phones from our customers, they show more interested in our boiler, and ask us the prices about our wood hot water boiler. ZG since 1945, is well known in the hotel industry for efficient (89%-98%) and reliable commercial high efficiency hot water boilers. Hotel owners and operators demand uninterrupted service when it comes to their domestic hot water and hydronic heating needs. ZG hotel high efficiency wood hot water boilers are field tested to perform reliably and safely with easy maintenance. Moreover, ZG hot water boiler is able to deliver quick payback and strong return on investment with a variety of price points to fit your budget. ZG is a single source manufacturer that hotels can rely on for all of their hot water needs.
Wood hot water is commonly used in heating applications.,including the supply heating in hotel, the heat supply of green house for vegetable and flowers,Centralized hot water system for building .These heating systems use wood fuel, oil, or biomass to produce heat. This heat is transferred to water that is circulated for warming a building, producing hot potable water, etc.

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