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Traveling Grate Coal Fired Boiler

Time:2015-07-03 14:16:33 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler


ZG’s traveling grate fired boilers are composed of the body, chain grate, the former arch and the after arch, light furnace wall, steel frame and insulating layer etc. The boiler shall adopt single drum and vertical layout. The body comprises pot shell, smoke box, water wall tube, and lower header on both sides. The tube plate adopts all-welded structure. The chain grate adopts light thickening style. The electric control brings about the stepless speed regulating of grate; the air is sub-independently supplied; the warning shall be given when its working parameter is out of the predesigned one. Our boilers are really new environmentally friendly products.

Boiler Usage and Fuel

The coal fired boiler can be used in bath room, school, hospital, restaurant, food factory, chemical plant etc. Besides, ZG also has traveling great coal boiler.The current traveling grate boiler can accept various kinds of special fuels such as various kinds of coals, coal & gas, coal & fuel oil, various kinds of biomass fuel, waste wood, old tire, coffee slag and furfural slag. Meanwhile these special fuels can also adopt the combustion mode of circulation fluidized bed ( CFB )



The steam Generator mainly consists of furnace, super-heater, boiler bank, economizer and air heater. These boilers are water tube type except in combination boilers where the boiler bank is fire tube and the rest water tube.


Large heating surface and high thermal efficiency, 

Lower heat losses and low fuel consumption.


1. Rapid pressure-raising, strong power.

2. Reasonable smoke flow process to ensure safe and reliable running of boiler.

3. To adopt new technology to guarantee stable and reliable running.

4. Extensive applicability of fuel, stable and full combustion.

5. Unique cindering chamber

6. Adjusting transmission device, stable running of grate.

7. The valve instruments adopt rather advanced products. 


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