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The CFB Biomass Power Plant Now in Operation

Time:2015-07-14 14:41:19 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler


It is very thrilled that the plant is powered by the largest and most advanced biomass circulating fluidized-bed (CFB) boiler, which was supplied by ZG. It is a company pays great attention to the product quality, regard the quality as life for the enterprise.CFB technology is capable of fully firing a wide range of biomasses and other fuels, including those derived from agricultural crops. So the biomass fuel is very cheap. If your company install a biomass boiler, it will cut your finance.“Agro” biomass can be produced much faster and on a larger scale than longer-growth wood-based biomasses, thus improving the economics and sustainability of biomass power.
The challenge has always been to design a boiler capable of reliably firing difficult-to-burn agro biomass while at the same time increasing steam temperatures to achieve high power plant efficiency. Don’t worry about this problem. ZG’s biomass boiler can help you to solve this question. This particular CFB incorporates many advanced design features that enable the Polaniec plant to achieve a net plant efficiency of over 36%, based on the fuels lower heating value, while firing solely biomass containing up to a 20% agro component.


The plant is owned and operated by GDF Suez, one of the leading energy producers in the world. The plant began commercial operation on November 15, 2014, six weeks ahead of schedule. ZG provided a turnkey delivery of the biomass boiler island and fuel yard, including design and supply of all steam generation and auxiliary equipment, civil work, erection and commissioning.
This Advanced CFB is the largest and most advanced biomass CFB steam generator that ZG has ever supplied. The goal for this project was to provide GDF Suez with a reliable, biomass-flexible boiler that would allow the client to build a high-efficiency green power plant – and we have achieved that objective.

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