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Stainless Steel Fuels Biomass Fired Boiler in France

Time:2015-09-11 14:12:44 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

The biomass energy (or bioenergy) sector is part of the renewable energy production method. Biomass is transformed into energy by a thermo-chemical or a bio-chemical process. This gives stainless steel fuels biomass boiler an opportunity to work. In ecology, biomass represents all the living matter in a given natural habitat. According to the French law, biomass is the biodegradable part of products, waste coming from agriculture, including plant and animal material from the land and sea. Forestry and related industries, as well as the biodegradable part of industrial and domestic waste are concerned.


What are the challenges for the market of stainless steel fuels biomass fired boiler?
The sustainable and efficient development of biomass fired boiler into electricity and heat requires technological progress use stainless steel as fuels, and the development and restructuring of the facilities sector. The current issue concerning the construction of plants for energy recovery from biomass raises questions about the opportunities of this sector concerning the market of stainless steel. Its components are present in all facilities dedicated to energy production from biomass: boiler, digester, fermenter (biofuels). The choice of materials used in these units often depends on the specifications developed by the client which is somewhat related to economic logic. This reality explains why stainless steel is not systematically chosen despite its interesting properties for such structures.
Biomass fired boiler use stainless steel fuels in France
Boiler rooms are growing significantly in France. These are wood combustion units of various sizes supplying district heating networks. The boilers and the pipes can be constructed of stainless steel. Nevertheless, it will not be the most widely used material unless the boiler is operated at very high temperatures to extract the maximum energy from the combustion or biomass which is very corrosive, such as when straw is used.
The development of biomass energy is justified in part by a desire for energy independence, expressed at all levels: national and local. State aids are driving the deployment of biomass fired boiler that streamlines the energy stainless steel fuels production strategy (raw materials sources and local production for local consumption vs centralized energy power).

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