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Rice husk Biomass Boiler for Sale

Time:2015-08-21 13:54:45 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

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rice husk biomass boiler introduction
1.This series of boiler structure is divided into single pot of cylinder return fire and water pipe type A three decorate chain grate fast loading and double pot tube three return type D conduit decorate chain furnace sent fast loading, bulk all use have high feed device spray seeding (national patent), applicable to burning rice, peanuts shell, the cotton seed shell, wood chip of bulk grain shape flammable waste.
2. Unique design, the biomass boiler use rice husk as fuel burning full (half a suspension and layer combustion), high thermal efficiency, overpressure protection. Water level control, the use of safe and reliable operation, low cost, is conducive to waste energy for fuel the ideal heating equipment.
Rice husk biomass boiler features
1. Reasonable heat surface and burning device, heat efficiency is 4%~5% higher than national standard.
2. Reasonable flue speed design, heating surface without scattered ash and noabration. Under the condition of no sootblowing, the boilers can work full load, high efficiently and safely in long term.
3. The big and tall boiler furnace can be easily designed according to the different fuel to improve the burning rate of fuel and remove black smoke.
4. All single return design and injected circulation design for the hot water boilers the medium speed in return of heate sureface is higher than national standard.
5. Adopt big and high strength grate, add rolling device for big grate which improve the boilers' safety and lessen the leaked coal and adjust burning conveniently.
6. Scoot idiomatically separated at the exit of boiler furnace which can reduce dust content and lessen abrasion of back heat surface.
7. Closed scoot cleaning avoid the second pullution and save time and labor.
8. Big water volume benefits for power-off protection, high ability suitable for load waving.
Rice husk biomass boiler price
The price of biomass boiler is a big problem when people want to buy a product. Especially, big product like boiler. Because boiler is a durable good, the cost of maintain boiler is high. So people want to buy high quality one. ZG as a biomass boiler manufacturer, our boiler has high quality and low price. We will give your a quote on the condition of you telling us the capacity, pressure, etc. Don’t hesitate to call our Toll-free hotline.

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