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Lignite coal fired CFB boiler for sale in Vietnam

Time:2015-09-06 13:57:34 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

A Lignite coal fired CFB Boiler can be a reliable, responsive, and low cost steam producer for an industrial site while meeting emissions constraints. It is very popular in Vietnam. To achieve this it is important to have highly functioning instrumentation and control technology that automates operation, adjusts for fuel variability in real-time, and simultaneously manages all mechanical and emissions constraints.


Introduction of lignite coal fired CFB boiler
Lignite coal fired CFB Boilers have emerged as a preferred technology for cost effective steam generation due to their ability to utilize a variety of lower cost fuels while managing emissions. Biomass, low-grade coal, and waste fuels such as TDF can be effectively burned in a CFB unit. At the same time, these low cost and waste fuels carry with them a great deal of variability that can lead to difficulty in operations. Steaming rate control and response to load swings can be a challenge in Vietnam, and managing bed temperature, which is critical to emissions management, can be problematic. In addition, instability leads to loss of thermal efficiency and excessive use of sorbet materials such as limestone.
Lignite coal fired boiler advantages
1.The output capacity is sufficient and continuous:Because of adopting the high efficiency heat transmits spiral gas tube, so the real output capacity of coal fired CFB boiler is 10%-15% higher than rated. And either output capacity or thermal efficiency will not low down after running for a while.
2.Small size, less investment:The height of the coal fired steam boiler is less than other coal fired horizontal steam boiler which has the same capacity. So steam boiler room will spend much less money.
3.No special protection when power off:The hot water is mixed cycle and the water capacity is large, so the special protection is no need for damage caused by vaporization when power off.
ZG Lignite coal fired CFB boilers manufacturer provide various type of heating ways, The lignite CFB boiler can heating by coal fuel. We offer a complete range of lignite coal fired boilers for industrial market in Vietnam. If you have requirement of it, please contact us.

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