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Install a Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler Tips

Time:2015-08-03 13:49:10 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

 Although we have professional installation personnel for you to install a coal fired hot water boiler. I guess you may still want to knows some tips about installing coal fired hot water boiler. Because the installation quality is directly connected with the operation and also the work efficiency of the coal fired boiler. As a boiler manufacturer that you can trust. Our engineer will tells you some tips about it.


The needs of the boiler’s installation range from the number of site, the pavement of circuit and also the pipeline plus the installation of the chimney. The following are some tricks for detailed installation made available from ZG industrial boiler manufacturer group:
Picking a site:
As the coal fired boiler can be a noisy equipment which produces pollutant, the internet site needs to be ventilate,dry and remote on the downtown. Meanwhile the website should be firm and flat , the boiler ought to be placed 1.5 meters from the wall so that it is best being installed and maintain.
Layout , design with the circuit:
The layout of the coal fired boiler’s circuit needs to be finished with the qualified electrician, the electrical path must be not even close high temperature,moisture, rain water and pedestrian passage. Finally, it can not be applied until all of the procedure and voltage, current are follow the prerequisites.
The pavement from the boiler’s pipeline:
the development tank of the coal fired boiler or even the air communicating pipe needs to be placed at the most 4 meters more than the boiler. The recent water exit should not be equipped with valve whenever it bears compressure. All the pipe needs to be inspected with water within it to verify that the valves may be freely open and closed,without leakage and blocking. Then it the boiler can be brought into use.
After you read these tips, you must have basic knowledge about installing a coal fired boiler. Don’t worry too much, we can provide high quality installation, that can avoid the trouble after you install it.

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