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India Biomass Fired Boiler

Time:2015-08-20 13:35:02 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Biomass Boiler in India has the same equipment as DHL chain grate boiler, the fuels could be shaped distiller biomass pellet, bagasse biomass pellet, coal, etc. Thus, this boiler can use both biomass energy and coal. Distiller and bagasse biomass fired boiler can be used in Brewery or sugar factory. Biomass fired boiler will be a smart choose.


Product Features
1.Continuous ash discharge
2.Grate driven by hydraulic drives; even fuel distribution on grate ensuring better combustion
3.Bi-drum/single drum, natural circulation, top supported design; tall furnace for complete combustion
4.3-stage/2-stage super heater with inter-stage spray attemperator
5.Modulating cyclo-motor
6. Pinhole grate can be offered for specific applications
DHL biomass boiler can be used as heat producer for city, industrial and mining enterprises central heating, one set of the boiler can supply heat for 300000-400000㎡ building areas; it can also be used as thermal power plant boiler to regulate city heat supply network operation; the DHL biomass fired hot water boiler can meet the hot water needs of industrial and mining enterprises, which require a large number of hot water in the processing.

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DZL Packaged Coal Fired Boiler
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SZL Biomass Fired Boiler
DZL Biomass Fired Boiler
DZL Biomass Fired Boiler
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