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Horizontal DZL Coal Fired Boiler for Sale

Time:2015-09-01 14:14:09 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

DZL Horizontal Automatic coal fired boiler is single drum fire water tube chain grate boiler. This type is very popular among our customers. Let me introduce it to you.  


DZL horizontal coal fired boiler technique
Boiler main body is a single drum longitudinal layout. Drum and water tubes at both side forms radiation heating surface. Water tube forms convection surface. While threaded fire tube in the drum forms fire tube convection surface. Boiler consists of upper body and lower grates , Which is combined at work site. Economizer is at the rear.Eclectic control cabinet can supervise the over temperature and lower. Pressure alarming and interlock protection,Which makes DZL series safe and reliable.Easy to operate.
Characteristics of Chain grate DZL coal fired horizontal boiler
1.Horizontal layout, up and down assembly structure, save space.
2.Reliable and safe operation.
3.Compact structure, reasonable water circulation, fast start-up.
4.Newly furnace arch structure and insulation materials make less radiating loss, improve thermal efficiency.
5.Use advanced domestic chain grate, reliable process, save energy, reduce installation and maintain workload. Reasonable air distribution, double side air inlet for combustion system which improves the efficiency. With layered coal feeder, burning efficiency is improved, carbon is reduced, save coal about 10%.
6.Automatic control system, high mechanization degree, easy operation, secure running.
7.High dust-collecting efficiency, built-in ash removal, environmental.
8.Fast packaged for shipment, good shape.
ZG offering energy efficient Horizontal coal fired boiler of DZL series for sale to worldwide which inn different sizes and capacities and easy to install and assemble.

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