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Coal fired steam boiler installation

Time:2015-04-07 17:08:25 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

After buying an industrial boiler as the heat power, the other thing the enterprise should consider is to install it. As all the other boilers, the installation work also need the buyer’s attention. Because the installation quality is directly linked with the operation and the work efficiency of the boiler.

Steam boiler coal fired

The installation of the coal fired steam boiler

The requirements of the boiler’s installation include the choice of site, the pavement of circuit and the pipeline as well as the installation of the chimney. The following are some tips for detailed installation offered by ZG boiler group: The selection of site:

Because the coal fired boiler is a noisy equipment which produces pollutant, the site should be ventilate,dry and remote from the downtown. Meanwhile the site should be firm and flat , the boiler should be placed 1.5 meters away from the wall so that it is convenient to be installed and maintain. The layout of the circuit:

The layout of the coal fired boiler’s circuit should be finished by the qualified electrician, the electric path should be far from high temperature,moisture, rain water and pedestrian passage. Finally, it can not be applied until all the procedure and voltage, electric current are conform to the requirements. The pavement of the boiler’s pipeline

The expansion tank of the coal fired boiler or the air communicating pipe should be placed at most 4 meters higher than the boiler. The steam exit should not be equipped with valve in case that it bears compressure. All the pipe should be inspected with water in it to confirm that all the valves can be freely open and closed,without leakage and blocking. Then it the boiler can be brought into use. The installation of chimney:

The chimney installation is different according to the type of the boiler,the size and the needed area and so on.


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