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Coal Fired Boiler for Sale in Philippines

Time:2015-08-03 14:02:38 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

 ZG is an internationalized coal fired boiler manufacturer. The boilers of it was sold around the world. For example, we sell coal fired boiler in South Africa. Meanwhile, we sell coal fired boiler in Philippines. We have successfully installed coal fired boiler for sugar industry,etc. Why our coal fired boiler was well received by the customers in Philippines. I guess that must because of our high quality boiler and perfect after sale.


Features of coal fired boiler in Philippines:
1.Two burners are arranged side by side from the front wall.
2.ZG coal fired boiler gives you perfect automatic control devices and safety protection devices,so that you can realize level automatic control plus the risk of low tide level alarm, shutdown.
3.Automatic control of steam pressure and over-pressure alarm.
4. Automatic purge of automatic ignition the burner, the hearth automatically adjust and flame protection, to guarantee the safe operation from the boiler. Coal fired boiler manufacturer ZG is a professional coal fired boiler supplier in China, and ZG will forever provide the finest quality coal fired boiler for users.
Types of coal fired boilers in Philippines:
Divide from working medium, the coal fired boilers have two types, one is coal fired steam boiler , the other one is coal fired hot water boiler. Both of them fueling by coal. Chain grate coal fired boiler suitable kinds of coals, like anthracite, meager lean coal, coking coal, brown coal etc.
ZG Boiler is engaged in different industrial boilers manufacture within 70 years experience start 1945, and we provide coal fired boiler for Philippines many years ago. We have rich experience in boiler manufacture. It is a wise decision to choose us.

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