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Coal Boiler in Pakistan

Time:2015-08-19 13:52:30 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

We feel keen proud for your interest in our coal fired boiler. I would like to give you a short demo about our company. We are specialized in Coal Fired Power Plants boiler, Coal fired Steam Boiler, Oil/Gas fired Steam Boiler, etc. We are a leading boiler manufacturer in China, and we are very happy that our product are well received by Pakistani. I will introduction some product that we sell in Pakistan. I hope that this introduction can help in choosing products.


15 ton coal fired boiler for sale in Pakistan
ZG 15 ton coal fired boiler has some outstanding details. First of all, the boiler use coal as fuel is full layout heating surface and high thermal efficiency. Secondly, it equipped with a mechanization combustion. Which can help you save labor cost. Thirdly, It contribute to environmental protection and energy conservation.The chain grate coal fired steam boiler are wide used in the chemical,petrochemical, rubber, textile staining, etc. Steam boiler is a closed vessel in which water is heated. The heated water exits the boiler for use in various process or heating applications.
10 ton coal fired boiler in Pakistan
ZG has developed 10 ton coal fired steam boiler for sale to meet the industrial needs in Pakistan. Though coal fired boiler in the early years has bad effect on the environment, the coal fired steam boiler developed by ZG is eco-friendly and the combustion is designed smokeless.
6 ton coal fired boiler on sale in Pakistan
6 t coal fired boiler is a kind of industrial boiler which can offer 6ton steam per hour for industrial production. This kind of boiler is widely used in such industries as textile, dipdye, paper manufacturer,food, rubber, plastic, chemistry,medicine, iron, metallurgy and so on. It is used to offer steam for them and offer heat for the institutions, restaurants, schools and so on.
This three capacity boiler is hot sale in Pakistan. If all of the above coal boiler are not suit you needs, please contact us. Our online sales man will give you more choice.


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