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CFB Boiler for Sale in India

Time:2015-08-14 14:14:13 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Recently, we have received many e-mails from our customers. They consulted us about our CFB boiler. So for the convenient of customers, i write this article for customers to read.


Concept of CFB boiler

Firstly, i want to introduce the concept of CFB boiler. A circulating fluidized bed (CFB) Boiler is a combustion chamber where various types of fuel are used to generate steam. CFB boilers are clean and environment-friendly boilers, which use a wide range of coal ranging from low quality coal, coal blends, pet coke and various alternative fuel sources. It reduces harmful emissions such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide. CFB boiler has a lot of benefits to you. Why customers choose us as a supplier? We are a powerful boiler manufacturer, we supply not only CFB boiler, but also chain grate boiler for India. Our boiler has high quality.

Main parameter of CFB Boilers

  1, Fuel: bituminous coal, lean coal, anthracite, petroleum coke,biomass and so on

  2, The combustion system of fluidized bed boiler: combustion chamber, material collector and return feeder.

  3, Combustion process: High temperature fuel under the entrainment of air into the material collector, the collected material into the recycle device, then through the recycle device to the combustion chamber

  4, Capacity:10t/h-50t/h

  5, Pressure:1.25MPa-4.5MPa(12.5bar-45bar)

  6, Temperature: 194℃,204℃,450℃, or design depending on your requirements.

  CFB Boilers Advantage

  1.Wide adaptability of fuel

  2.High efficiency of combustion and low discharge concentration of pollutants and environment-friendly

  3.High efficiency of material separation and circulation rate >20%

  4.No soot formation on heating surface with good resistance to wear

  5.Load adjusting ranging from 30% to 110%

  6.Boiler's thermal efficiency ≥87%

CFB Boilers Application

The Circulating fluidized bed boiler widely used in Power station, for example, we had installed a 75 ton CFB boiler for thermal power plant. Meanwhile, it is also can be used in metallurgical industry, Textile industry, Food industry, Central heating, Paper-making industry, Chemical industry, central heating and so on.


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