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Biomass to Energy

Time:2015-07-16 15:07:32 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler


For over thirty years, ZG has been supplying the energy industry around the world with solutions for high-efficiency power production based on various kinds of biomass fuels. Today, many of the world’s largest biomass power plants run with ZG’s technology. Our technological expertise covers fuel processing at a boiler plant from fuel receiving, handling and drying, to feeding fuel to the boiler, and the biomass boiler to burn the biomass fuel. Finally, the biomass will transform into energy. ZG have a wide range of solutions for converting biomass to energy. Biomass, alone or together with other fuels, can be combusted in fluidized bed boilers. One of the newest solutions is biomass gasification, which enables fossil fuel replacement with biomass on a large scale, increasing fuel flexibility and reducing CO2 emissions economically. 

For sustainable power generation and combined heat and power (CHP) generation, we provide modular power plants that enable flexible utilization of local renewable.


Automation solutions

ZG is specialized in the automation of fluidized bed boilers in greenfield and retrofit projects. In addition to combustion control and optimization solutions, the ZG system includes versatile performance monitoring applications for the fluidized bed boiler, a fuel management system for solid fuel received, condition monitoring and other DCS features designed for power plant automation. ZG automation solution support a power plant’s sustainability. Automation solutions are an essential part at power plants when producing energy through waves or with the gasification process. Several automation and information systems have been delivered to biomass, biodiesel, bioethanol, solar and integrated solar and combined cycle (ISCC) plants. Additionally, ZG’s automation serves well in the gasification process, which is a rapidly developing combination of technologies and services for effectively converting biomass, recycled materials and waste into a usable form of energy. ZG’s proven automation is also used in pyrolysis and geothermal processes.

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