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Biomass Fired Boiler Manufacturer

Time:2015-08-11 13:39:31 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

ZG has a long history with vast experience and skill in the design, manufacture and installation of solid fuel heating systems. Meanwhile, ZG has earned one of the highest regarded reputations in the industry and over a short period of time has firmly established itself as the China’s market leader. Our range of biomass boilers is aimed at the industrial and commercial market.

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Introduction about ZG biomass fired boiler:
Our Biomass heating division brings industry leading capabilities and specialist expertise to fully complete projects from start to finish where the project develops on from the initial site visit and the consultation period through to a team of biomass heating experts who are able to design, plan, deliver, install and service your biomass system.ZG specialise in Biomass Systems that are designed to run on multiple fuel types which can give our customers future flexibility to use the most cost effective fuel available at the time.
Introduction about biomass energy:
Biomass is a renewable energy technology and is classified as Carbon neutral. As trees grow they absorb Carbon from the atmosphere (and produce Oxygen). This carbon is stored in the tree. If this tree was to be left to decompose, this captured Carbon would be released back to the atmosphere over a few years, burning that material will also release the Carbon but will make use of the energy in the process.
We have biomass boiler for sale in Indonesia and other countries. We are aimed to broad our market. We hope that our 6 ton, 4 ton and other capacities biomass boiler can be installed in everywhere successfully.




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