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Biomass boilers - a sustainable alternative to oil and gas

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Biomass boilers tend to be larger than the gas or oil equivalent. They are generally more suitable for people not connected to mains gas who have some space for storage.

For domestic heating purposes the main biomass fuel is wood in the form of logs, pellets or wood chips – although there are boilers available that burn a range of cereals. The full range of biomass fuels also include animal, food and industrial waste and high energy crops such as miscanthus, willow, rape and maize.

All wood fuels need more storage space than fossil fuels (oil or gas). The three types of fuel most commonly used are logs, wood chips and wood pellets.

Biomass boilers are suitable for people who are interested in
saving money, lessening their environmental impact, and keeping their heating dollars close to home.



1)Wood pellet boilers can save many homeowners 40-60% on their heating costs.

2)Alternatives to pellets, such as heating oil and gas are in the midst of lengthy , inflationary trends.

3)Families enjoy the same level of comfort from a retrofitted pellet central heating system as they do from their traditional fossil-fueled heat source.

4)By some conservative estimates, an investment in a pellet boiler can provide a return on investment as high as 49% per year over 15 years.

5)Wood pellets are readily available throughout North America, and can be delivered to your home.

6)Biomass boiler technology is proven, with one million successful installations in Europe.

7)Wood pellet fuel is not as bulky, burns cleaner, and is much more convenient than firewood.

8)Wood pellets help sustain the regional economy where you live.

9)Wood pellets improve the energy security of the region where you live.

10)Wood pellet prices are not impacted by world markets, the inflationary effects of a weakening dollar and the growing demand for energy abroad.

11)Rebates and grants for MA, NH & VT residents can bring installed costs down.

12)Fuel cost savings can amount to tens of thousands of dollars, which can be saved, or spent in better ways. 


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