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Biomass and Bagasse Fired Boiler Suppliers in Italy

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Biomass and bagasse fired boiler introduction
Bagasse is a solid waste product associated with sugar mills. Biomass bagasse fired boiler is a type boiler use bagasse as fuel. Previously, bagasse was burned as means of solid waste disposal. However, as the cost of fuel oil, natural gas, and electricity have increased, the definition of bagasse has changed from refuse to a fuel.
Currently, most bagasse is burned as a fuel, not as the incineration of refuse. In at least one mill, bagasse is sent to an adjacent chemical production plant for use in making furfural; the bagasse residue is returned as fuel for generating steam for both facilities. 100 tph bagasse fired steam boiler has a good performance on steam providing in power plant system and the boiler has been developed for a higher efficiency.
Biomass bagasse fired boiler in Italy
In Italy, the boilers are operated differently in that they are shut down on weekends unless they are cogenerating electricity. For economic reasons, cogeneration boilers typically operate continuously nearly year round. Also, bagasse-fired boilers in Hawaii are generally more efficient than in other areas due to lower fuel moisture contents, larger boiler sizes, and the placement of the stoker feed system higher above the grate to increase suspension burning.
Biomass bagasse fired boiler supplier
It is an effective way of using biomass energy that we applied biomass fuel to the fuel of boiler, and biomass boiler has been rapidly developed in our country in recent years. ZG is a well-known biomass bagasse fired boiler manufacturer in China. “Users first; quality orientation; credit foremost” is our philosophy. We are willing to satisfy our users with first-class technology, products with high quality and excellent service.

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