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Biomass CFB Boiler Energy Source and Market Drivers

Time:2018-05-23 16:48:51 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Biomass as Energy Source & Market Drivers

Biomass has an important role in reducing the environmental effects (CO2) of energy production
Biomass fuel market has changed to global and makes possible large scale power generation of biomass alone
In addition to the traditional clean and recycled biomasses, the trend today shows increasing interest to applying agricultural biomass & waste
For the boiler supplier is important to understand bio fuel origin and treatment processes as well as the actual ranges of fuel and ash properties
CFB is IDEAL TECHNOLOGY for large scale power generation for broad range of biomass alone or co-firing in larger fossil fired power plants!

biomass cfb boiler

Key Advantages of CFB for Biomass Firing

Fuel flexibility is a special advantage

Wide range for biomass fuels
Mixes of wood, agro, waste, etc
Mixes of biomass fuels, coal

Excellent emission performance

Inherently low emissions

No DeSOx / DeNOx –plants required

High availability & competitive price

biomass cfb boiler


The use of plant-derived biomass as fuel will be expected as one of the most important primary energy sources for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and conserving fossil fuel resources. The effective utilization of waste paper, waste building materials, and such biomass wastes as agricultural wastes are particularly important. CFB boilers have many advantages including wide adaptability of fuels, low environmental impact, and ideal methods for direct combustion of biomass. CFB biomass is an effective measure for the dissemination of utilization of biomass energy. ZBG is confident to see the bright future of CFB biomass power plant.

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