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8 Ton Industrial Biomass Boiler for Sale

Time:2015-08-26 15:42:49 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

The markets of energy biomass are developing rapidly and becoming more international. More and more biomass boiler is sourced from abroad, especially by large biomass-users. Comprehensive information of the current bioenergy market is an essential factor for contributing the market development. From the current statistics, we found that our 8 ton biomass boiler is very popular, so i decided to introduce it to you.

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The analysis of 8 ton industrial biomass boiler:
The objective of the article is to obtain a global overview of the biomass boiler used in industrial and transport sectors and to compose lists of the largest users of energy biomass in the world. Various statistics, databases, reports, and reviews, most of them publicly available, have been utilized during the study to examine plants that either refine biomass for use in transportation and heating purposes or plants that convert biomass into heat and power. The plant lists presented are based on the prevailing situation in the end of the year 2015; due to lack of comprehensive and accurate plants specific information and rapidly changing situation, the results should be used with care.
Currently, the scope of energy biomass trade is about 1 EJ/yr representing about 5% of the total use of biomass for energy in industrialised countries. Direct trade of biofuels is increasing strongly, whereas indirect trade, which includes imported industrial round wood and wood chips that end up as energy, has been quite stable within the recent years. Especially the trade volumes of biodiesel and wood pellets have been growing lately.
Majority of the biomass energy use, in 2009 66%, is residential use mainly in developing countries. Excluding residential use, the most important user countries are Brazil, the US and India. Our 8 ton biomass boiler use in industrial and transportation sectors concentrates in a small number of countries; in 2009 the fifteen largest users consumed 78% of biofuels in the industrial sector and 95% in the transportation sector. Large plants that process or refine biomass are located primarily in the industrialised countries. The largest plants are producing ethanol and biodiesel; pellet plants are slightly smaller and gasification, torrefaction and pyrolysis facilities are rare and significantly smaller.
Industrial biomass boiler manufacturer
“Users first; quality orientation; credit foremost” is our philosophy. We are willing to satisfy our users with requirements of biomass industrial boiler with first-class technology, products with high quality and excellent service. It is pleasant that we can join hands to make common development by multi-forms and multi-channels.

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