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6 Ton Anthracite Coal Fired Boiler Manufacturer

Time:2015-08-31 14:12:48 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Anthracite as one type of coal is abundant and cheap to use. Anthracite coal fired boiler will help a lot in fuel cost than boiler using other fuels like oil and gas. ZG is a professional coal fired boiler manufacturer of anthracite, we have been exported 6 ton anthracite coal fired boiler around the world.  


Introduction of anthracite 6 ton coal fired boiler
Anthracite coal fired boiler with combustion equipment was chain grate. Main engine is single drum longitudinal arrangement and inside of drum is a single-pass thread smoke tube. The left and right sides of the hearth is equipped with bare water wall tube, part of riser pipe forms the furnace top, and refractory brick Hanging at the bottom of the drum doesn't accept high temperature flame radiation. Drum on both sides of the lower part has two symmetrical convective pass, and water wall cured tube is assembled at 750 mm from the center line of the drum, so as to avoid tearing weld joint.
Advantages of 6 ton anthracite coal fired boiler
1) Structure compact, single-layer arrangement, small area requirement, low civil construction cost, simple installation at site.
2) The multi- spots enter the wind, matches the wind reasonably, the adjustment is precision.
3) Burning fully, high thermal efficiency, the fuel good compatibility.
4) Eliminates smoke and dust, environment friendly.
5) Has the overpressure alarm, the ultrahigh voltage switch off, double safety valves and explosive proof door to ensure safety.
6)Quick installation: We provide supervision service to customers for installation and commissioning work so the new boiler can operate quickly after delivery.
6 ton anthracite coal fired boiler application
Coal fired boiler of 6 ton use anthracite as fuel is ideal thermal equipment for the central heating, organ, school, and career services industry. Because it has advantages as follows: high automatic level, high thermal efficiency, equipped with dust removal equipment, less pollution of the environment.

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