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35t Biomass CFB Boiler for Sale

Time:2015-05-04 15:19:06 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

35t Biomass CFB boiler for sale is designed on the base of circulating fluidized bed boiler. Because of the benefits of CFB technology, such as the superior fuel flexibility, inherently low emissions and high availability, CFB technology is an ideal technology to be used in large scale CFB power generation with a broad variety of biomass fuels. On the other hand, biomass has an important role in reducing the environmental effects (CO2) of energy production The biomass fired CFB technology offers a high efficiency fuel flexibility. There is no doubt that the combination of CFB technology and biomass boiler is an ideal boiler for industry.


The increase of biomass utilization in energy production has created a demand for large scale pure biomass firing power plants. These demands have given ZG boiler a reason to develop efficient large scale biomass firing technology and to improve the fuel flexibility in pure biomass and biomass co-combustion applications. One successful creation is boiler for central heating.
ZG Biomass CFB boiler is the most advanced CFB technology for biomass combustion. It results from the corporate knowledge on biomass and about 70 years’ experience combined with continuous research. As the changeable combustion properties of biomass and waste fuels, an adequate knowledge of the fuel characteristics, range of variability are the key issues to design and operate a suitable boiler while avoiding unnecessary complexities and costs.
Biomass fuel market has changed the world and makes it possible to large scale power generation of biomass. In addition to the traditional clean and recycled biomass, the trend today shows an increasing interest to applying agricultural biomass and waste. For the boiler suppliers, like ZG boiler, it is important to understand bio fuel origin and treatment processes as well as the actual ranges of fuel and ash properties.With years’ persistence and preparation, ZG boiler has already be qualified to be a better boiler manufacturer and supplier in the world.

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