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300MW Coal Fired Power Plant Boiler in Philippines

Time:2015-08-18 14:10:00 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Recently, we have received an e-mail form our customer, who comes form Philippines. He ask us about our 300MW coal fired power plant boiler. Because he had heard our coal fired boiler in Philippines has high quality, and well received by our customers. Although we have a good reputation, he still worried about it. So i write this article to reassure him.
International efforts to mitigate climate impacts have intensely scrutinized carbon emissions from the electricity sector. Coal, in particular, has been targeted as a source of emissions that could be reduced. The International Energy Agency recognizes that “coal is an important source of energy for world…we must find ways to use coal more efficiently and to reduce its environmental footprint. Our 300MW can achieve the above requirements.


Work principle of 300MW boiler
The power plant boiler is normally operated in modified sliding-pressure mode, but constant-pressure operation is also envisaged. With modified sliding-pressure operation the plant operates between 50 per cent and 90 per cent load at variable pressure and between 90 per cent and 100 per cent load at constant pressure. Unit control follows the power control concept with the turbine controller responsible for controlling the electrical generator output. The boiler load controller has the task of controlling main steam pressure during this process. Failure or non-availability of redundantly configured components such as boiler fans, coal mills or feedwater pumps is taken into account by appropriate adjustment of load capability factor at the unit coordination level by modification of settings or restriction on plant output.
We can supply the price of boiler too. If you are interested in our boiler, and tell us more details about what you want, please contact us.

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