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3 Ton Coal Fired Boiler for Sale in South Africa

Time:2015-08-10 14:03:47 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

ZG supply 3 ton coal fired boiler for South Africa. It is well received by local residents. Let me give you a brief introduction about the coal fired boiler of 3 ton capacity


Product features:
1.Energy saving with 90% high efficiency: reasonable Design including three trip smoke pass design, full wet back design, 100% furnace with corrugation design, 100% water enfold fire overall design that ensure a higher efficiensy that common boilers.
2.Easy maintanence: front and back movable smokebox doors, fire observation hole, check hole for inspection and cleaning, manhole, handhole and headhole an the boiler body that make the maitanence more convenient.
3.Environment friendly: adopts excellent imported burner that can burn the fuel out and brings lower emission.
4.Large steam capacity: able to adopt to the load change, output stability, large vapor space volume, the net space of the interface of the soft drinks and exports of steam is high enough, steam humidity is low.
5.Safe: reliable Protection of pressure and the water level;boiler pressure and water level multiple protection, and over smoke temperature protection, ensure the safety of boiler operation
6.Automatic: equiped with controller of high quality and performance.
Application scope:
1.Heating supply: supply heating source for radiator,central air-conditioning,floor radiation,etc heating systems;
2.Industrial application: plant ,workshop,oil field pipeline heating source;
3.Breeding industry:Winter seafood,fish and shrimp;
4.Entertainment and hotel industry:supply hot water for hotel,pool,sauna,etc.
ZG as an expert in Boiler of coal fired, we are looking forward to work with you hand in hand, and create new brilliance with advanced technology, excellent products and good service. If you have requirement of coal fired boiler in South Africa, please contact us. We can supply not only 3 ton capacity, but also other capacity boilers to you.

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