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20 Ton Chain Grate Boiler for Sale

Time:2015-08-25 14:08:27 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Our chain grate boiler are widely used in hospitals, universities, hotels, supermarkets, garment factories, canteens, paper mill, food processing factories, etc. From the recent consultation of our customers, we found they are interested in our 20 ton boiler, so i want to give you a brief introduction about our chain grate boiler of 20 ton.
chain grate boiler Features:
DZL Coal fired chain grate boiler adopts threaded smoke pipe. With a reasonable flowing speed, the heating efficiency of DZL series boiler is 6-8%higher than the national standard.
The joint work of protrude tube plate and threaded smoke pipe turn the standard rigid shell into elastic one. combining with the swing-shaped smoke path, the boiler is protected from breaking when it suffers high temperature.


Unique accessories of 20 ton chain grate boiler:
1. Drums:
1)Ligament Efficiencies and Corrosion Allowances that Meet or Exceed ASME Code
2)Up to 3 Stages of Internal Moisture Separation for Most Stringent Steam Purity Requirements
3)Internal distribution piping to provide positive circulation
2. Furnace:
1)Water Cooled Membrane Wall Construction (Including Front and Rear Walls as Specified
2)Appropriate Heat Releases for the Application
3)Sized for Flame Dimensions to Achieve Best Possible Emissions
4)Minimal Refractory to Reduce On-Going Maintenance
5)Fully Accessible for Inspection
6)All Tubes Connected Drum to Drum with No Intermediate Headers
3. Superheater:
1)Both Radiant-Convective and 100% Convective Available
2)Assemblies Completely Self-Supporting (No Intermediate Support Brick Required
3)All Elements of Equivalent Length Ensuring Balanced Flow
4)Conservative Velocities Inside Tubes Assure Positive Cooling at All Loads
5)Fully Drainable
After reading this article, i guess that you may have a basic knowledge about our 20 ton chain grate boiler, if you still have any questions, please contact us.

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