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10t Rice Husk Biomass Boiler Price

Time:2015-04-30 14:56:12 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

For the countries that rice is the main crop, such as Japan, India, Indonesia and so on, rice husk biomass boiler is the best choice to recycle resource and provide energy for various needs. Generally speaking, biomass boiler can use many material as combustion fuel. However, application and analysis of biomass boiler fuel energy shows that rice husk biomass boiler creates a significant contribution towards the decline in CO2 emissions.

10t rice husk biomass boiler price is reasonable after overall consideration. According to the selection of biomass boiler, ZG has developed new type of biomass boiler to better adapt to the local special needs. Besides, ZG boiler also has created biomass boiler with horizontal type water tube and has capacity 4-30 ton. With double drums vertical chain grate boiler, the series biomass boiler type can use pure rice husk or straw as fuel and no need to add additional material. At the same time, the discharged ash and slag can be directly used as organic fertilizer in agricultural production, it is a high-efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection products.
As a big boiler manufacturer, ZG boiler produces various type of steam boiler and hot water boiler. We have exported biomass boiler to Mumbai and other countries in the world. For 70 years’ development, ZG boiler has already put itself with the high standard to make perfect boiler for the world.

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