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Biomass Boiler for Paper Mill in South Africa

Time:2015-08-28 13:34:27 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Project Type: Biomass boiler
Project Name : Production of thermal energy from renewable biomass for paper mill
Project Location: South Africa
Project Start: January 2015


Introduction of biomass boiler in South Africa for paper mill
This project decreases CO2 emissions by installing a biomass boiler instead of a gas boiler to meet the heat demands of a new paper machine at a pulp and paper mill in South Africa. With the project, the use of ash as fertilizer in agriculture and forestry as well as the implementation of alternative ways to give value to biomass residues such as sludge from the pulp and paper production are being promoted, and local jobs are being created.
The mill produces around 100,000 tons of tissue paper articles such as hygienic paper, paper handkerchiefs, paper towels and napkins per year. Heat is a vital part of every pulp and paper production process and therefore a constant heat supply is essential for the mill to remain competitive.
The biomass boiler will be fed with renewable biomass and biomass residues from external agriculture, forestry and related industries, and with biomass residues from the mill’s own production process, some which are otherwise stockpiled.
Benefit of biomass boiler in paper mill
The project of biomass boiler for paper mill helps with the promotion and use of innovative clean and efficient technologies as it is a show case for the rest of South Africa. It generates local income and promotion of employment opportunities in local communities due to the construction and maintenance of the plant; the collection, transport and sale of biomass residues; and services associated with the management of biomass residues. Moreover it helps to valorize regional biomass excess thereby helping avoid emissions from uncontrolled burning of these residues and also reducing the risk of forest fires.

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