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Biomass Boiler Case Study:Zheng Zhou Primary School

Time:2015-07-13 15:38:08 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler


Zheng Zhou Primary School is a famous School in Zheng Zhou city. There are a lot of excellent teachers and students. Business Manager Zhang Weiwei is so happy with the school’s biomass boiler that she contacted our sales manager to tell us about the school’s successful experience. Biomass boilers typically use wood fuel, in the form of wood pellets or wood chips. Here’s Weiwei Biomass story…
How did you come to the decision that you needed a biomass boiler?
I attended a school sustainability event where we were shown biomass boilers in action and I was really impressed with them. Being a famous school, we have no gas provision and we have always used oil for our heating demands. Our oil-fired boiler was due for renewal so I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to convert to biomass. Oil is costly, inconvenient (in that it requires regular deliveries which may be unreliable e.g. hampered by snow and the price fluctuates considerably), so it is difficult to budget for energy demands across the year. Plus, oil prices are expected to continue to rise and I wanted to protect the school from spiraling heating bills. Furthermore, we felt that it is a great way to raise awareness with our pupils of the current environmental challenges that we face and how we can choose alternatives to reduce our impact. The children are aware of the way we obtain our heating and it provides a good basis for environmental projects.Meanwhile, we want to be a modal for other scools.

生物质锅炉 (14).JPG

What key considerations and tips do you have for other schools considering biomass?
• You will need large vehicular access to the designated fuel store area
• Ideally you should schedule the works for the very beginning of the summer holidays to allow for delays and minimise disruption
• Check with installer companies that you have an area suitable for a boiler and fuel
• If you want the cheaper option of wood chip, do you have a big enough storage area?
• How many deliveries will you need per year? This will be dependent on your fuel storage capacity and your heat demands.
• Is there somebody who can clean the boiler once a week when cool? If not, you need to factor in the cost of a contract to do this.
• Are you considering using your boiler for your hot water needs too? If so, what would be the cost, level of disruption and the duration of works?

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