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116MW Corner Tube Boiler in China

Time:2015-05-14 17:49:44 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

116MW Corner Tube Boiler in China:
The boiler is produced on the base of the water corner tube technology and professional research. According to the characteristics of technology development and market demand of coal fired chain grate boiler, corner tube hot water boiler has reliable water cycle, high combustion efficiency and low pollutant emission. 116MW corner tube boiler has large capacity with layer combustion chain grate boiler, the boiler is an energy-saving product with independent innovation design. Besides, ZG boiler has analyzed the advantage of corner tube boiler for a better user experience..
                       西安城北热力116mw角管式热水锅炉 (1)_副本.jpg

The advantages of 116MW corner tube boiler:
1.Reliable water circulation structure: The boiler has single horizontal drum auxiliary forced water circulation mode. For this reason, the boiler has the character that forced and natural circulation is available, to achieve the mass flow rate of the high water wall with forced circulation. And natural circulation as auxiliary water power at the same time.
2.Reliable on complete power failure protection.
3.High efficiency and energy saving.
ZG as a professional boiler manufacturer to provide steam boiler and hot water boiler, has also developed biomass corner tube boiler to enlarge the market needs. With 70 years’ persistence, ZG boiler always set the products with high standard. So can we meets the various requirement of the world.

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