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116MW Series Corner Tube Biomass Heating Boiler

Time:2015-07-16 14:14:24 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

 西安城北热力116MW角管式热水锅炉 (1)_看图王.jpg西安城北热力116MW角管式热水锅炉 (1)_看图王.jpg

ZG installed 116MW corner tube biomass heating boiler in Xi’an. There are some date about it.
The features of the corner tubes biomass boiler are as following:
1.The boiler adopts corner tube pattern,self-supporting structure, the problems relating to the expansion and the supporting of the boilers is tackled smartly. The supporting structure is stable and compact.
2.The furnace and the descending fuel gas duct adopts total welding membrane water cool tubes wall structure, which has the features of food sealing, less heat lost and little pollution.
3.Both the air pre-heater and the economizer adopt case pattern structure, which can ensure them be transported in package, so the installation time can be saved and seal ability of the fuel gas duct is strengthened.
4.There is flag pattern heating surface before the high temperature super heater, so the high temperature ability of the super heater can be ensured, meanwhile, teh super heater can be operated in teh serious fuel gas environment stably.
5.The cross girder grate is adopted, so it has teh features of less operation resistance, better grate cooling effects, lower breakdown rate, less fuel leak. And the grates are made by the first-class professional manufacture.
6.The fuel is sprayed to the furnace, which can ensure the straticulating combustion and suspending combustion, thus the combustion efficiency is enhanced.
7.It adopts sectional boiler setting so that the total weight of the boiler is lighter.
8.The fuel of this boiler is only straw or other kinds of biomass material, so the slag of the boiler can be used as fertilizer to agriculture. And it is a high efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly product.

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