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Coal fired boiler for hospital sterilization

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Application of coal fired boiler

Coal fired boiler is ideal thermal equipment for the industrial and mining enterprises, organ, school, and career services industry because it has advantages as follows: high automatic level, high thermal efficiency, equipped with dust removal equipment, less pollution of the environment.


As an important medical institution, hospital has strict requirements for sanitation. Hospital has a high demand of hot water,heating and high pressure sterilization, and during the process of high pressure sterilization, steam boiler is important to provide steam and pressure. This makes boiler be a necessary.


With 70 years’ experience, ZG's coal fired boiler has low cost in comparison, high efficiency, low emission, easy installation properties. The high-standard and high-quality auxiliaries and self control equipment ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine , reduce the fireman’s work load.


ZG’s coal fired boiler consists of DZL packaged coal fired boiler, SZL coal fired steam boiler. DHL coal fired boiler and SHL coal fired boiler. It can well meet the various need of hospital and ZG has sold thousands of units to a wide variety of hospital and health care facilities. ZG continues its innovation to meet international standard and manufactures a wide variety of steam boiler or hot water boilers. As we use international standard material for assembling boiler parts and with high quality auxiliary machines matched to the boiler, so the impact of maintenance to users’ production is reduced to the minimum level. we provide supervision service to customers for installation and commissioning work so the new boiler can operate quickly after delivery.

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DZL Packaged Coal Fired Boiler
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