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Biomass Steam Boiler for Central Heating

Time:2015-04-28 15:39:46 Auther: Ailsa from ZG Boiler

Biomass steam boiler is designed on the base of biomass boiler. Its combustion fuel is biomass and to create steam for industry application and heating system. The character of eco-friendly operation and low cost in combustion make the biomass boiler have a good effect on central heating.

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Central heating has the advantages that has high comfort property, steady indoor temperature, has no noise, no dry, and only works for heating but no wind. Besides, with the low cost and easy operation, central heating becomes more and more popular. At the same time, biomass steam boiler for its energy saving has met great popularity in the world. The character that reduce energy consumption efficiently, reduce carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide compound emission, improve the environment is also an important factor of its popularity. 6t biomass fired boiler for sale in Indonesia has strongly shows that biomass boiler are getting more and more appreciation.

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With the previous characters, ZG biomass steam boiler have developed biomass steam boiler series. Biomass corner tube steam boiler for textile has greatly inspired the engineer of ZG boiler to develop new type steam boilers to satisfy the various needs. For 70 years, ZG boiler is always on the way of persistence, with innovative boiler and all process service on installation and maintenance, to strive for the best quality.

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